​​We're happy to announce a new lunch program; join us for weekday lunches, and get up to 30% off your meals; 11-3 pm, Monday through Friday.

The new Loyalty Card gives you 20% off any regular priced food items, and a punch card, where your 11th meal is on us.

It's easy to join, just be here between 11-3, Monday through Friday, and have a meal....that's it, you're now a member, and have full benefits.

Donegal's Irish House

Donegal's presents $1,000 Lunch Hour

What's going on in The 'House

Donegal's Lunch Club 

Join us for weekday lunches, 11-3, and win $1,000 is cold hard cash.

Contest date: Apr 3 - Sept 29

It's really that simple. Come in for lunch between 11-3, Monday to Friday, and you're good to go. You don't have to buy anything specific, just come in for lunch during that time of day and week.

To enter, you just sign the back of a qualifying bill. Add your name, phone number, and get the signature of your server on the bottom; fold that bill up, and enter it into the ballot box.

We will do a draw every week, the weekly winner will be given a $25 GC, and entered into the final draw for the trip to Las Vegas. After we draw the weekly winner, we will destroy the remaining ballots, and start over again. Be sure to be out often, so as to increase your odds of winner; so long as your entry matches the above requirements, there's no limit on how many entries you can have in a given week.

We will be holding the final draw for the trip on Oct 5, starting at 8:30pm. This will be a reverse draw, and you must be present to win. We will be doing one additional draw the night of, for the final entry into the $1,000 cash prize.

Good luck to you, we'll see you in for lunch :-)